Sipprelle Has Decided Not to Run for Congressional Seat


In response to inquiries from supporters and potential candidates, Princeton Borough resident Scott Sipprelle announced today that he will not run for Congress in the reconfigured 12th District this year.

“While I remain as committed as ever to the principles of political reform and economic renewal, as articulated during my 2010 campaign, this is not my time to be a candidate,” Sipprelle said in a written statement. “Over the last year I have become fully engaged, with a renewed passion and purpose, in my business of starting and building emerging growth companies.”

Sipprelle said he intends to play an oustide role in politics for now, supporting first-time candidates for public office.

“Through the Lincoln Club of New Jersey, I also intend to continue as a squeaky wheel, working to educate and inform the voters while supporting candidates with the experience, courage and independence to serve as problem solvers,” he said.

Sipprelle, who has served as chairman of the advisory board of the Bank of Princeton, is the founder of Westland Ventures, a Princeton-Based investment firm that provides growth capital to emerging companies.

In the 2010 general election, Sipprelle lost to incumbent Rep. Rush Holt, earning 46 percent of the vote. His parents, Dudley Sipprelle and Linda Sipprelle, are active in Princeton Republican politics.

Scott Sipprelle serves as president of The Lincoln Club of New Jersey, a Republican group that stresses personal and fiscal responsibility and free enterprise. The club’s mission is to educate the public on issues, to engage in community activities that improve society, and to elect the best possible candidates on the Republican ticket for local, county, state, and federal office in New Jersey.