Two Lawrence teens arrested in connection with bias incident at high school football game


Two 17-year-old Lawrence Township residents have been arrested in connection with the bias incident that took place at the Lawrence High School Football game on Friday night, police and the Mercer County Prosecutor confirmed.

The high school upperclassmen allegedly targeted younger black students at the Lawrence High School home football game against Steinert High on Friday night, calling students the n-word, taunting them, and screaming that they hate black people, according to students and parents. One of the students allegedly pulled his penis out and urinated on an eighth-grade girl who is black.

The teens have been charged with multiple counts of harassment, bias intimidation and lewdness, police said. The names of the two teens are not being released because they are minors.

“The Lawrence Police Department would like to thank the Lawrence Township Public Schools administration, all of the concerned citizens of the Lawrence Township community and the Mercer County Prosecutors Office for their assistance with this investigation,” reads a statement from police.

The Incident is still under investigation. Anyone with additional information regarding the incident should call Lawrence Detective Dan Gladney or LT Joseph Lech of the Lawrence Police Department at 609-896-1111.

Krystal Knapp

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  1. We’re did this hate for minorities come from , probably there parents, and f and I can’t believe they have the nerve to hate black people, freaking Indians are you kidding me, it’s always the nice educated black kids who get picked on , they wouldn’t do that to thuggish boys or girls.

  2. That is assault, that girl will have a difficult time dealing with what happened to her and that assailant should face appropriate changes.

  3. Why wasn’t the one charged with a sex crime?If someone urinates in public behind a tree they can be charged under Megan’s law. Why isn’t he?

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