Letters: ‘The Most Competent Candidates for Princeton Council’

The Most Competent Candidates for Council

To The Editor:

Anyone who paid attention to Wednesday night’s League of Women Voters Candidates Forum couldn’t come away from it without acknowledging that Jenny Crumiller and Anne Neumann are hands down the two best candidates for election to the Princeton Council in the Democratic Primary on June 7th.

I rated all six candidates on (1) Intelligence, (2) Knowledge of the issues likely to come before Council, (3) Relevant prior experience, (4) Responsiveness to the questions asked, and (5) Practicality and
reasonableness of their proposed solutions to municipal problems. On every one of those criteria (with a single exception) Crumiller and Neumann came out as number one or two.

You might vote for one or the other of the two other candidates based on other criteria (you know them, they play well in the sand box, they won’t challenge powerful people or institutions, you like the people who support them—for political or other reasons), but that would be a big mistake. If you want to have the really best people representing you and voting on how to raise and spend your hard earned tax dollars you’ll vote for Jenny and Anne.

Jenny has served on Council since the two Princeton’s were consolidated and previously in the Borough. No one of the other three knows better the facts and issues that are likely to come before Council in the next three years and will be more prepared to do the work of Council from day one than Anne Neumann.

Jenny has had the courage to challenge those who think they know it all, even in those times when she is outvoted. She speaks truth to power. Similarly Anne has asked hard questions and taken positions that are in the best interest of the citizens and voters even when she met resistance from the most powerful institutions in town. Remember we are voting not only to return the experienced Jenny Crumiller to Council, but also to replace Patrick Simon, who single handedly has asked the tough questions that have resulted in better policies and saved tax dollars. Of the three other candidates, only Anne Neumann comes close to filling the big shoes of Patrick Simon. Her strength to take stands on tough issues is based on knowledge, analysis, and practicality. Unlike her two adversaries for the vacant seat she has not proposed fairy tale solutions like a constitutional convention (in the power of the Princeton Council to
convene?) or simple nostrums like “neighbors don’t sue neighbors,” or “I’ll represent everyone.” These statements sound good to the naive, but it make no practical sense, and are the products of limited
knowledge, analysis, preparation, and experience.

You can choose “good guys” or the most competent to represent you. If the criteria for earning your vote, like mine, are designed to select the most competent, you can’t help but cast you ballots for Jenny
Crumiller and Anne Neumann.

Joseph C. Small

Neumann a Champion for Princeton

To the Editor:

Anne Neumann and her family are established residents of Princeton, and Anne and her daughter attended Princeton schools. Anne’s contributions to Princeton municipal affairs and her plans for a livable Princeton have earned my support.

Anne has pledged to help neighborhoods in Princeton retain their character at a time when many residents are concerned with insensitive development and over-development. The tax burden of
new development brings will affect all Princetonians. But Anne is well aware that some neighborhoods will bear the burden of new development in terms of density and traffic. Anne will, therefore, call for a delay on all new development near AvalonBay until AvalonBay’s effects on roads, drainage, sewers, and our school population are clear.

Anne is a champion of the town of Princeton, host to one of the nation’s most prestigious, well-endowed, and powerful universities, which has been unwilling to pay what Anne and many Princeton residents believe reflects its fair share of the financial burdens it imposes on us. Anne is knowledgeable and unafraid to take on the contentious issues of town and gown, including a Council member and Mayor with ties to Princeton University.

Please see Anne’s creative ideas for preserving Princeton’s character and fostering an environment friendly to local residents and taxpayers—not shoppers who descend from tour buses — on her website. Please join me in voting for Anne Neumann!

Cecil Marshall

Fraga Leading Community ID Effort

To the Editor,

Leticia Fraga and I have worked closely together on the Community ID Cards and other community efforts over the last two years. I’ve been impressed by her dedication, energy and reliability but that’s just the beginning. She’s stepped in to take a leadership role in organizing the ID Card effort as she has with the many other community organizations, with which she’s involved, for example, as vice chair of the Human Services Commission. I can’t think of anyone to better represent the diverse needs of the Princeton community on the Princeton Council.

Bill Wakefield

Crumiller Supports Earned Sick Leave for Workers in Princeton

To the Editor:

I encourage voters to re-elect Jenny Crumiller to Princeton Council. Jenny is an intelligent, kind person, who works hard and listens to all sides respectfully.

I support her stands on many issues, but as a doctor who practiced for many years first as an internist, and later as a pathologist, I am particularly pleased that Jenny has been a strong advocate for an ordinance to require Princeton’s employers to provide paid time off for employees who are unwell or whose children are unwell. This makes sense both for the well-being of both employees and also for general public. Such a measure will decrease the spread of communicable diseases by keeping adults and children home instead of in the workplace or in schools.

I hope readers will vote for Jenny so she can continue good work on Council.


Lilia Belov

Leticia Fraga’s Ability to Build Bridges an Asset to Princeton

To the Editor:

I am excited to support Leticia Fraga in the Democratic primary for Princeton Council. I have known Leticia for years, since our two sets of twins went to pre-school together. For over 15 years, Leticia has immersed herself in bettering our Princeton community, in
all neighborhoods, on all levels. She has dedicated her time to tackling critical issues facing us today – affordable housing, child hunger and educational opportunity, and public safety, to name a few.

Leticia has gained a deep knowledge of the needs of all Princetonians through her service to both municipal and non-profit organizations, including Send Hunger Packing, the YWCA, Princeton Community Housing, and the Princeton Human Services Commission. Her ability to build bridges across communities, and her practical approach to problem solving, would be an invaluable, and unique, asset to the Princeton Council. I admire and respect Leticia and her contributions to our town, and I urge you to vote for her on June 7.

Kathy Taylor

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