Letters: Join the march to support climate protection

To the Editor:

In February 2014, Donald Trump bought a golf course on Ireland’s coast. Soon after, he applied for permission to build a sea wall to protect his property from the increasing storms and rising oceans that accompany global climate change.

When it’s a matter of his own bottom line, President Trump believes in global climate change. When it comes to protecting our children and our children’s children with federal environmental policies, he doesn’t.

Yet countless studies show that our planet is warming overall. Polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. Agriculture and water supply are threatened in many parts of the world. And man-made carbon emissions are largely responsible for these changes.

On Saturday, April 29, concerned citizens will march in Washington, DC and across the country to demand climate protection. In Princeton, a coalition of local groups–including Sustainable Princeton, D&R Greenway, and Climate Change–will host Walk for Our World’s Green Future (WOW). Participants will gather at 9:30 at the D&R Greenway Land Trust (One Preservation Place, off Rosedale Road) and walk to Hinds Plaza. (For details, see sustainableprinceton.org.)
The People’s Climate Movement is hosting the march in Washington, DC. Sister marches will be held in many other cities, including Philadelphia. For details, see peoplesclimate.org.

Add your voice! March on April 29th to let President Trump know that his rollback of President Obama’s climate change policies is unacceptable. Don’t let him limit protection against climate change to a golf course.


Owen O’Donnell, President
Princeton Community Democratic Organization