Model NJ Transit Arrow III railcars would be a nice addition for train enthusiasts

Dear Editor:

I have always loved the NJ Transit Arrow III railcars. I have traveled to New York City many times on Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor. On one or two occasions I was lucky enough to ride in Arrows.

Arrow Background & History

The Jersey Arrow is a type of electric multiple-unit railcar used in commuter rail service by NJ Transit. The Arrow series is similar to the SEPTA Silverliner series, but differences include center doors and reversible seats among various other details. The Arrows were originally developed for the Pennsylvania Railroad, and used through successive commuter operators in New Jersey, through to NJ Transit. Three models were built, but only the third model is in use today.

My Idea

I would like to see ready-to-run scale models of the Arrow III railcars produced in N, HO, and O Scales. They would be useful for any model railroader who models the Northeast Corridor, Princeton Dinky, or North Jersey as a whole. They should be available as ready-to-run models, with DCC sound value models available along with dummy non-powered units.

To achieve this goal, I wrote this petition ( Unfortunately, getting signatures on this petition is a constant struggle for me. I only have 268 signatures, but at this point, I should have at least 1,000 signatures. I welcome all train enthusiasts to sign and share my petition to honor the legacy of these historic railcars.

Dante Medori