First Consolidation Study Report Released

The consolidation and shared services commission’s 173-page “baseline report” on the two Princetons regarding municipal services, with a financial overview, has been posted. The report will be discussed at a public forum Jan. 26 at 7:30 p.m. at the John Witherspoon Middle School auditorium.

At first glance the report is basically a summary of financial and personnel data for each municipality. It provides an overview of budgets, staffing levels and departments. There is little in the report in terms of recommendations, because it is basically providing vital statistics on each town. Two areas where the drafters express opinions are 1)in the area of police and emergency dispatch, and 2) regarding the merging of borough and township codes and ordinances if consolidation occurs.

Check the report out at the consolidation study consultant’s website by clicking on “baseline report” once you go to the site by clicking here.