Black Bear Spotted Again in Township

The township police department received a number of calls over the weekend reporting the presence of a black bear moving through the areas of the Pulte Homes Development on Cherry Valley Road, The Ettl Farm Development on Rosedale Road, and the area of Brooks Bend off Pretty Brook Road.

Responding officers did not see the bear,  but the township animal control confirmed the reports based upon evidence located during his investigation into the matter.It is unclear exactly what that evidence was.

The last report received by the police was in the early morning hours of June 6th in the Brooks Bend area.

The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife was contacted and notified of the sighting, and advised officials that efforts should not be made to trap or confine the animal.

Officials are urging residents to take precautionary measures such as removing outside birdfeeders at night and closing garbage cans securely, and recommend using due caution and their best discretion when allowing children and pets outside.