NJ Transit: Dinky Service Will Be Restored Thursday a.m.

Dinky service was suspended late Wednesday afternoon after a minor shuttle accident. A representative from NJ Transit said he expected the service to be restored by 5 a.m. Thursday.

New Jersey Transit officials said the train engineer tried to brake when approaching the station in the borough as he normally would, but the train did not stop and hit a bumper block, causing minor damage to equipment.

Eighteen passengers were on the train at the time. Two suffered minor inuries but no one needed to be taken to the hospital, officials said.

New Jersey Transit officials said they don’t know how the unusual incident occurred. The Dinky is in the process of being repaired. One wheel was up in the air after the accident, a spokesman said last night.

Bus service replaced Dinky service for the remainder of Wednesday. NJ Transit officials said they expect the Dinky to be running on schedule Thursday morning though.

Two additional buses were used to try to meet the demand for service to Princeton. They could not keep the same schedule as the train though, particularly given the construction work that has closed Alexander Road and caused traffic back ups on other local roads and Route 1 North during the evening rush hour.