Alexander Road to Open Early: Will Be Open to Traffic Both Ways Starting Thursday

Alexander Road to repoen June 30

Yes Virginia, there is such a thing as Christmas in July, or late June in this case, at least if you are a Princeton commuter. Beginning tomorrow (Thursday, June 30), Alexander Road will officially be reopened to two lanes of traffic.

Note: As of 6:30 Wednesday night, commuters coming in to Princeton report that the road has been reopened.

The Lucas Construction Group  has completed the road bed reconstruction and regrading through the “S” curve on Alexander Road, a main artery in and out of Princeton from Route 1.  The road is “base paved” and temporarily striped for public use.

The remaining construction schedule is as follows:

Final paving will take place over several nights in late July early August.  The delay is in order to allow for the final settlement of the reconstructed road bed and utility trenches. Dates for the work will be announced when they are established.

During the night work, the road will be closed to traffic and the full detour will be put back in to effect at night.

Intermittent shoulder closures and/or alternating lane closures will occur between June 30th and the completion of the “top course” paving, as necessary for pavement repairs or ancillary work items.  Alternating lane closures, when required, will occur from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.  No prior notices for alternating lane closures will be posted, and should be expected to occur on any given weekday.

Bike commuters will be happy to hear that designated bike lanes will be completed and bike lane signage installed after the final paving is completed.

The public sidewalk is now available and open to the public.

A note from West Windsor Township officials: Residents are advised that the area remains a construction zone.  Drivers are reminded to stay alert, and to honor all posted traffic control signs and measures.