Supporters and Opponents of Consolidation Gearing Up for the Big Vote

Sure, we are in the midst of those dog days of summer, August has just started, and Princeton slows down as many people head off for vacation.

But this is an unusual year in the borough and township issues wise, between Princeton University’s arts and transit neighborhood proposal, the Dinky station issue, the tax revaluation and consolidation.

As many Princetonians head off for vacation, supporters and opponents of consolidation are busy at work this month developing strategies to get their messages out to borough and township voters this fall.

Last night at the Princeton Public Library, a group of about 25 consolidation supporters held a kick-off meeting to work on getting the Nov. 8 referendum passed.

Meanwhile, an anti-consolidation group of borough residents is also holding meetings to plan its strategy for getting the referendum defeated.

More to come on both groups as their efforts take shape.

The borough council and township committee unanimously voted last week to put consolidation on the November ballot.

For more information about the referendum, visit the Center for Governmental Research (CGR) website. CGR has served as the consultant to the consolidation commission for the two Princetons. The website includes various reports about projected cost savings and what a consolidated Princeton would look like in terms of staff, retaining buildings, etc.

With two new candidates seeking the mayoral post in the borough and two seats available in both the township and the borough with candidates from both parties seeking election, it will be interesting to see how the consolidation issue plays out in the campaigns.