Holts Asks Obama to Expand Federal Disaster Declaration

U.S. Rep. Rush Holt wrote to President Obama today to request that FEMA expand its recent disaster declaration for the state of New Jersey to include flooding related to the latest rain from Tropical Storm Lee.

“Unfortunately, as Tropical Storm Lee makes its way up the east coast, water is coming back to exact further vengeance with even greater floods in some areas in New Jersey,” Holt wrote. “For my constituents who live along the Delaware River, Tropical Storm Lee is in many ways a continuation of Hurricane Irene.”

The federal government declared Sunday that all 21 counties in New Jersey are eligible for relief through FEMA  in the wake of Hurricane Irene, after initially approving a handful of counties.

“I respectfully request that your administration make a major disaster declaration for those New Jersey counties experiencing flooding as a result of Tropical Storm Lee,” Holt said. “Federal resources will be needed so that affected New Jersey residents along the Delaware River can repair and rebuild their homes and businesses in the wake of the destruction caused by Hurricane Irene and now the additional flooding caused by Tropical Storm Lee.”