Princeton Consolidation Watch: Local Official Soliciting Signatures for Pro-Consolidation Ad

It’s not quite mid-September yet, but the consolidation battle in Princeton already appears to be heating up. Editorials for and against the consolidation of Princeton Borough and Princeton Township are piling up, and supporters and opposition are working to get their messages out.

The pro-consolidation effort plans to run a large ad in local papers, and one official and probably more are working behind the scenes to seek signatures, as well as other support.

Borough Councilman Roger Martindell sent an e-mail to several dozen people yesterday, encouraging them to sign the ad at the pro-consolidation group Unite Princeton’s website,

“Please lend your name for publication (at no charge to you) in a local newspaper, indicating your support of consolidation of Princeton municipal governments.” he wrote. “I, and the community I know, will be very grateful…If you would like to contribute additional time or money to support  consolidation, you may use the same link to indicate that fact to the community group  leading the effort, UnitePrinceton!”

Martindell offers this rationale to those considering whether or not to support the consolidation of the two Princetons: “Know that the overwhelming majority of both governing bodies support consolidation,” he wrote. “You elected us; we give you our best advice; please help us make it a reality.”

“He suggested if someone needs additional rationale to “please reacquaint yourself with The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss.”

The anti-consolidation effort, Preserve Our Historic Borough, plans to unveil its website later this month.