Township Police Blotter: Girl, 10, Sexually Assaulted in Princeton Township

A 29-year-old male was arrested Sunday night for allegedly sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl.

Jose Ramon Castro-Silva has been charged with aggravated sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a minor after a police investigation revealed he had sexually assaulted the young girl in a Terhune Road home, police said.

Castro-Silva knew the victim and her family. It is unclear how many incidents of abuse occurred. He does not have a formal Princeton address or permanent address on record, but police believe he lives in Princeton.

He was unable to post $200,000 bail and is being held at the Mercer County Correctional Facility.

Heating Oil Leak Near to Nursery School

On Sept. 7, police were sent to Leigh Avenue to investigate  a call that a small quantity of an unknown fluid was coming out of the ground near the Princeton Nursery School. Patrols located the substance, later identified as home heating oil, coming from the driveway of a house adjacent to the school. It was also discovered that the oil had leaked down the driveway on to Leigh Avenue.

The Princeton Fire Department was contacted and responded to the scene, and upon arrival was able to contain the fluid with the use of Speedi-dry and absorption pads .The Department of Environmental Protection was advised about the incident. No injuries occurred and no damage was reported as a result of the spill.