ACLU Goes to Court to Defend Occupy Trenton’s Right to Protest

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey was in Superior Court in Trenton Wednesday afternoon to defend Occupy Trenton’s right to protest at a public park across the street from the State House.

According to the ACLU, when the protesters initially gathered on the park on Oct. 6, there were no rules or regulations governing the use of the park. But on Oct. 14, State Police confiscated protest signs, electronic equipment and coolers from the protesters, stating that they were in violation of park rules.

The ACLU argues that such park rules were never properly adopted and were not imposed on prior users of the park.  Since then, the ACLU says the state has failed to produce a statute or ordinance on the books granting the authority to establish new rules for the public plaza.

The ACLU filed a lawsuit suit on behalf of Occupy Trenton and is asking the court to stop the state from enforcing invalid rules and is asking the court to enforce a temporary restraining order on the state.

A judge is expected to rule on the case within the next few days.