Dinky Station Waiting Room Set to Open

The Dinky Station

Princeton University will start opening the Dinky Station waiting room for five hours each weekday, starting tomorrow.

The University, Borough and Township are hosting a small reception at the north Dinky station building in the morning to celebrate the event and the signing of a “memorandum of understanding”, which is an agreement between the borough, township and university on the Dinky and future transit.

Borough Mayor Mildred Trotman and Township Mayor Chad Goerner will be on hand to celebrate the station opening with University Vice President Bob Durkee.

Under the terms of the agreement, the university will be operating the north station waiting room for five hours each weekday. Starting tomorrow, Nov. 1,  the station will be open from 6 am to 11 am.  The opening times may be adjusted going forward based on feedback from passengers and officials.

Over the past few weeks, university officials have been working to obtain the necessary sign-offs from New Jersey Transit, and crews from the university’s facilities department have completed work inside the building to prepare the station and restrooms.

The township approved the memorandum of understanding last week that includes, among many features, an agreement to open the station five hours a day. Borough officials approved the controversial agreement previously, by a 3-2 vote.

While supporters of the agreement argue it will enhance Dinky service  and pave the way for future transit such as light rail on an alternate right of way, opponents say the officials should have fought for the Dinky station to remain where it is.

The university plans to move it 460 feet south of its existing location, further away from town. Some residents fear  the move will harm Dinky ridership. Others argue station and other area enhancements will mean more riders.