Jachera Officially Concedes Borough Mayoral Race to Moore

Jachera and her family listen as campaign manager Judy Scheide addresses supporters at the Nassau Inn on election night after the preliminary results were in. Photo credit: David Cardaciotto.

Republican Jill Jachera officially conceded defeat in the borough mayoral race today after confirming with county election officials that absentee ballot results are official.

“I would like to congratulate my opponent Yina Moore on her victory in the mayoral race,” Jachera said in a written statement to the press.

“When I decided to take on this challenge last June, I knew I had a steep mountain to climb,” Jachera said. “However, I also knew then, as I know now, that the journey would be worth the effort, regardless of the outcome.”

Moore defeated Jachera by just 100 votes in the heavily Democratic borough, winning the race with 1,218 votes to Jachera’s 1,118 votes.

The tally was confirmed today with the chairman of the Mercer County Board of Elections.

“While I was not successful in my bid for mayor, I do believe that I was successful in improving our approach to governance in Princeton,” Jachera said. “I believe that the new, united Princeton can be better. Our town will have the opportunity for more dialogue and more collaboration. I am hopeful that more citizens will put Princeton before party and respect all reasonable points of view and embrace all types of diversity, even political diversity, rather than creating moats between our various constituencies. If we can do that, then Princeton will begin to have the government it deserves.”

Jachera said the close race should send a signal to elected officials to change the way borough hall conducts business.  “I hope they (the mayor and council) will listen to all of our residents in the important transition year ahead, because Princeton deserves better,” Jachera said.

Moore will be the mayor of the borough for a year, as the governing bodies of the two Princetons implement a consolidation plan. Next November voters will choose a new governing body for the united Princeton.