Princeton Borough Police Blotter: Student Breaks Dinky Station Windows, Driver Sleeps on Bayard Lane

Early Sunday morning, police caught a Trinity College student smashing windows in the southern most building at the Dinky station.

William Johnson Ogilvy Holden, 19, of Hartford, Ct., allegedly fled from Sgt. Michael Bender when the officer arrived on the scene just before 3 a.m. on Nov. 13

The student jumped onto the train tracks in an effort to evade the officer. Bender eventually caught him, but the student actively resisted arrest and assaulted Bender and another officer. The officers struggled with the accused for several minutes before they were able to subdue him.   The second officer was injured during the assault and received treatment at the University Medical Center at Princeton.

Holden was charged with criminal mischief, resisting arrest, aggravated assault of a police officer, and obstructing the law. His court date is Nov. 21.


A West Windsor resident was stopped on Bayard Lane after she fell asleep at the wheel  at about 1:30 a.m. on Nov. 9. The car was observed blocking traffic and it was determined that the driver was sleeping and was intoxicated. Christine Seung-Lee, 45, was charged with driving while intoxicated. Her court date has been set for Nov. 21.