Bat Alert from Princeton Township

A bat has been spotted flying around the Mountain Lakes area of Princeton Township during daylight hours, and observers say the bat has tried to dive at people.

Princeton Animal Control has received reports of bat sightings at the Mountain Lakes/Mountain Lakes House area. A bat was spotted in the area during the day on Sunday, Monday and Thanksgiving Day.

Officials are asking that people visiting the area exercise caution, because the bat has been reported to dive at people. They request that people do not come in to contact with the bat, and report any that people report any bat sightings to the township police by calling (609)921-2100. Police will contact Princeton Animal Control.

While bats could be flying during daytime hours for a variety of reasons, some of which do not indicate a health hazard, it could also mean the bat is sick. In September a bat found in Princeton Borough tested positive for rabies.

Symptoms of a rabid bat include the inability to fly, flying during daylight, lethargy and paralysis. Most bats, even if sick, will not attack a person, but bats may bite if handled. If a live bat is on or near the ground, then leave it alone, keep pets and children away, and contact the police or animal control. Anyone bitten by a bat should immediately seek medical attention. If possible, the bat responsible for the bite should be captured and tested for rabies.