Butler, Crumiller Added to Full Endorsement Slate by Municipal Commmittees


The Democratic Municipal Committees of Princeton Borough and Township endorse candidates running as Democrats for mayor and council of the consolidated Princeton government Monday night, adding Borough Council members Jo Butler and Jenny Crumiller to the slate of fully endorsed candidates.

Butler and Crumiller had received partial endorsements at the Princeton Community Democratic Organization endorsement meeting Sunday night by receiving more than 40 percent of the vote. For a full endorsement a candidate needed 60 percent or higher.

For mayor, Liz Lempert received the full endorsement of the joint municipal committees.

For Princeton Council, the fully endorsed slate of six, including the four candidates who were endorsed at the PCDO meeting Sunday night includes:  Heather Howard, Bernie Miller, Lance Liverman, Patrick Simon, Crumiller, and Butler.

Newcomer candidates Scott Sillars and Tamara Matteo were recommended to appear in the column with the others, but without the regular Democratic party slogan. Silars and Matteo received a partial endorsement at the PCDO meeting Sunday night.

At the Sunday endorsement meeting, Crumiller had 175 votes, Sillars had 158 votes, Butler had 151 votes and Matteo received 150 votes.

A total of 34 committee members were present at the municipal committee meeting Monday night, 15 Borough and 19 Township. The meeting was conducted jointly by the two chairs for the Borough and Township, said Borough Municipal Chairman Peter Wolanin.

The committees jointly agreed to rules and heard from the two mayoral candidates and each of the ten council candidates.  After hearing from the candidates the committee held votes to decide its endorsements.

The Mercer County Democratic Chair makes the final decision about name placement on the ballot.