Republican Geoff Aton Announces Princeton Council Candidacy

Geoff Aton

Geoff Aton, a local businessman and member of the Princeton Township Zoning Board, announced his candidacy for a seat on the Council of the newly consolidated Princeton today.

“It is a new era in Princeton. It is also time for a new approach to government,” said Aton in a press release announcing his candidacy. “It is time for an end to partisanship and pettiness and bickering. It is time for a responsible government that puts the people of Princeton above politics.”

“I am a Republican who is married to a Democrat,” he said. “I am a devoted husband and father of two young boys living in the Riverside section of town. I am working to build a new business in town. I am a long-time rider and advocate for the Dinky. I am a committed volunteer at D&R Greenway. I was honored to be appointed by Mayor Chad Goerner in 2011 to serve on the Princeton Township Zoning Board. The motivation for my candidacy is simple: to continue to serve and support a community I love. Nothing more. And nothing less.”

Aton said he is the only candidate for Council who will carry an official endorsement of the Princeton Republican Committee.

He said he has a very simple message for Democrat voters: “Please consider using one of your six votes this November to support diversity, inclusiveness, and transparency. Give me a chance to work for good government by helping to make the five Democrats in the super-majority more effective, more responsible, and more focused on results.”

Aton is a graduate of Villanova University and was a candidate for Township Committee in 2011. He is a business partner with the owners of The Ivy Inn. They plan to open a new restaurant serving the Nassau East neighborhood this summer, he said.

For more information about his campaign or to volunteer with the campaign, email: