Mercer County: Princeton Residents Assigned to the Wrong Voting District Will Need to Vote by Provisional Ballot

Princeton residents mistakenly placed in the wrong voting district will have to vote by provisional ballot in the June 5 primary, officials said.

It is too late to make changes in time for the primary, according to the Mercer County Board of Elections.

At least six addresses on Harris Road were improperly placed in District 19, across town. The polling location for that district is the Riverside Elementary School. Harris Road residents belong in District 11. The polling location for district 11 is the Community Park School.

“This afternoon we will be updating the computer system to correct this,” wrote County Elections employee Janet Crum in an e-mail regarding the issue. “However it is past the deadline for pollbook inclusion, so any voter residing Harris Road 1-6 who comes to District 11 on June 5th will need to vote by provisional ballot. We will be informing our Board workers for District 11 of this need.”

Residents who find other issues or mistakes regarding their assigned voting districts and polling locations should e-mail the Board of Elections at .

Check your new voting district and polling location in the state’s searchable database to make sure it is accurate. New voting districts for the consolidated Princeton were created in December. As a result, your polling place may have changed.