Letters: Residents Voice Support for Council Candidates

Gusciora: Crumiller Dedicated to Princeton Community

Dear Editor:

For as long as I have served or lived in Princeton, I knew that I could always count on Jenny Crumiller. She has been a tremendous asset to Princeton and the surrounding communities and school. Her volunteerism and commitment to local governmental services make her stand out, as well as her true character in always standing up for what she believes in.

As a Princeton Borough Council member, Jenny has consistently demonstrated her intelligence, dedication to the community, ability to organize, and deeply held Democratic values. As president of the PCDO, she transformed the organization by greatly increasing membership and encouraging openness and transparency in the democratic process.

With Princeton’s best interests in mind, I support Jenny Crumiller’s run for Princeton Council.

Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer/Hunterdon), Assemblymember, LD15

Matteo: Princeton Needs New Leadership and Ideas

Dear Editor:

I am a Democratic candidate for the new Princeton Council in the Primary Election on Tuesday, June 5. I am extremely proud that the Princeton Community Democratic Organization, the Joint-Municipal Committee and the Mercer County Democratic Committee have all recommended me as 1of the 8 candidates in the Democratic column. This means that Democrats may choose 6 candidates that will run for the new Princeton Council in the General Election in November. I am asking for your consideration that you cast 1 of your 6 votes for me.

Princeton is very special to me. I moved to Snowden Lane fifteen years ago with my husband, Joe, to raise our family.  Since then, I have owned and operated my own business in town. I have spent countless hours in our wonderful library, pool, parks and schools with my family. I have invested my time and talents in many non-profits in our community, in particular as a member of the Corner House Foundation board and as President of the John Witherspoon Middle School PTO, where I led the way towards significant improvements in the overall middle school experience.

Consolidation provides us with a rare opportunity to reset the way local government serves our residents and manages our resources. To make this happen, the new Princeton needs new leadership, new vision and new ideas. On Council, I will treat our residents as I treated my customers in my store – with care and respect. I will work collaboratively with residents, businesses and local non-profits to find practical and prudent solutions to the issues that matter to our community.

Please help me work towards a brighter future for Princeton by casting 1 of your 6 votes for me on Tuesday, June 5 for the new Princeton Council.

Tamera Matteo

Simon Would Be a Successful Council Member

To The Editor:

As Princeton residents, we support Patrick Simon’s candidacy for the new Princeton Council. We believe Pat has the highest qualifications and commitment to public service and we urge you to join us in voting for him in the June 5 primary.

Pat will be an excellent Council member because he is committed to producing results through teamwork and collaboration. As a member of the Consolidation and Shared Services Study Commission, he worked with the other members to successfully produce a roadmap to consolidation, create an open process that engages the community, and prioritize continuity of government services. He is committed to fully realizing the intended benefits of consolidation: cost control and savings, maintaining the quality of services we enjoy, and creating a more effective government. We are confident that he will help manage the consolidation process in a way that will preserve the unique character and diversity of our community and also maintain the quality of life here in Princeton.

We are also confident that Pat will be an effective Council member on any issue facing him. As Commission member, Pat was diligent in exploring the many difficult issues surrounding consolidation and has built an impressive knowledge base of the issues that concern members of our community. In his talks with us, he has displayed his ability to grasp the “big picture” while managing the minutiae surrounding the complex aspects of consolidation. Pat is thoughtful, prudent, and measured; these are qualities we look for on the new Princeton Council.

Finally, his candidacy has been endorsed both by the Princeton Community Democratic Organization (PCDO) and the two Democratic Party Municipal Committees. He is the only candidate to be endorsed by these organizations who is not currently serving on one of the elected town councils. We support this newcomer to politics and urge you to do the same on June 5.

Doreen Blanc Rockstrom, Maidenhead Road
Laurie Harmon, Spruce Street
Mary Clurman, Harris Road
Peter Lindenfeld, Harris Road
Seth McDowell, Pine Street
Yan Bennett, Markham Road

Endorsed Council Candidates Are Highly Qualified

To All The Voters in Princeton:

Six highly qualified candidates for the Princeton Council (Heather Howard, Lance Liverman, Patrick Simon, Bernie Miller, Jenny Crumiller, and Jo Butler) were endorsed by the Democratic Municipal Committees in March as part of an open and competitive process. The Democratic Committees, consisting of highly active and engaged Democratic voters who are elected to their positions in the June Primary every 2 years, endorsed these candidates based on the belief that together they best reflect our community in terms of their expertise, experience, and diversity (geographic, gender, economic, cultural). Just as significant, the six candidates also strike an appropriate balance between familiar and fresh faces to lead us during these all-important early transition years in the new unified Princeton.

Each of the six brings a different viewpoint on major local issues, but they also have deeply shared values and if elected they are committed to working as a team to provide tax relief and quality municipal services, building and effective working relationship with the university, protecting our economic and cultural diversity, promoting sustainability and open space, and fulfilling the promise of consolidation.

We urge you to learn more about each of these six endorsed candidates and to give them serious consideration when you vote in the primary election on Tuesday, June 5th.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jon Durbin, Princeton Township Democratic Municipal Chair
Peter Wolanin, Princeton Borough Democratic Municipal Chair