Art All Night 2012 Photos

A muralist paints a picture of Nosferatu at Art All Night.
One of several funky bikes at Art All Night.
The iron pour at Art All Night. Photo by Clifford Zink.
Art All Night drew record crowds. Photo by Clifford Zink.
The black-light graffiti lounge at Art All Night.
A Seward Johnson sculpture at Art All Night.
Here comes the bride at Art All Night.
One of our favorite pieces at Art All Night.
Politics as Art? Trenton City Councilman George Muschal submitted a photo of himself as a piece for Art All Night.
Art All Night runs for 24 hours. A dog takes a rest in front of the hula hoop lounge. We can't blame him.
Princeton author Clifford Zink, who wrote `The Roebling Legacy' leads a tour of the historic Roebling complex Sunday.
A rare glimpse of a piece of machinery the Roeblings used to produce wire. Photo by Thomas Simonet.