Three Senior Positions Filled for Consolidated Princeton








Bob Hough has been named the head of the department of public works, Bob Kiser has been named town engineer, and Sandra Webb has been named the chief financial officer for the united Princeton.

Hough, who has worked in Princeton Borough for a decade, will oversee an expanded public works department, with areas like the sewer operating committee falling under the department’s jurisdiction in the consolidated Princeton.

“Bob brings may years of experience at the Borough, most recently as the Princeton sewer operating committee engineer,”  Princeton Borough Mayor Yina Moore said. “He is a licensed professional engineer, has a bachelor’s degree in management and is a  certified engineer in New Jersey. We’re happy to have him in this new position. He’ll be supervising more than just public works. He’s really going to be the director of infrastructure and operations. I’m going to be proposing that we change the title of his position to reflect that.”

Kiser, who will serve as the municipal engineer for the consolidated Princeton,  is the Princeton Township engineer and has worked for the Township for more than a quarter century.

“Bob’s lengthy experience will be extremely helpful,” Borough Administrator Bob Bruschi said. “He has  a breadth of experience, including overseeing combined Township and Borough road projects, that will provide for an extremely orderly professional transition as we consolidate.”

Webb, a longtime Borough employee, currently serves as the Borough’s chief financial officer.

“She’s worked here many years, and her expertise is widespread,” Township Acting Administrator Kathy Monzo said. “She brings a lot of leadership skills to her new position, along with expertise in finance.”