Helicopter Crashes in West Windsor

A plume of smoke rises at the site of a helicopter crash in West Windsor. Photo courtesy of Jersey Shore Hurricane News. Photo taken at Nassau Park parking lot.

A small helicopter crashed in West Windsor at 12:19 p.m. today in a field near the intersection of Clarksville Road and Quakerbridge Road. Police said there are no survivors.

Several witnesses saw the helicopter go down. West Windsor resident Jay Bryant said the helicopter crashed about five seconds after it started to go downward.

“The helicopter was flying along at a straight path about 2000 feet up and started to bank downwards,” Bryant said. “It then pitched almost straight down the rotors came flying off.  Two seconds later it crashed and there was a large plume of black smoke.”

“We were in the parking lot at Nassau Park and saw the prop come apart from the helicopter,” wrote  Terry Meade on the West Windsor Police Department Facebook page. “The copter turned over and went straight down. Huge explosion and lots of black smoke. I am still shaking.”

Police sources say there was at least one fatality. According to Jersey Shore Hurricane News, the helicopter was a private helicopter.

Emergency responders are at the scene and police have asked that drivers stay away from the area.