Letters: Dick Woodbridge has the Experience and Diplomatic Skills to Lead the New Princeton

To the Editor:

Though I am a registered Democrat who has lived in Princeton Borough for more than 30 years, I had never publicly supported a political candidate or issue, because I was a reporter. Journalists, in this country, generally try to maintain at least the appearance of impartiality. (In France, it is considered a breach of ethics for the reporter NOT to state his or her opinion at the top of the article.)

But in this Princeton mayoral race, I support the Republican candidate, Dick Woodbridge.

I respect Woodbridge’s regional vision as a community leader. As a business reporter for U.S. 1 Newspaper, I interviewed him in the late ‘80s when he was among the first to suggest branding Central New Jersey as the “Princeton Rutgers Research Corridor,” now recognized as “Einstein’s Alley.”

I respect Woodbridge’s business savvy and experience. He is a patent attorney who advises companies – from struggling entrepreneurs to giant mega firms – and helps them succeed. I have “picked his brain” over the years on any number of legal and entrepreneurial issues. He has common sense about what will work and what won’t work.

I respect Woodbridge’s good will and diplomacy. He is one of only two people to have served in both town governments; he was council president in the Borough and mayor in the Township. From my point of view, being mayor is a difficult and thankless job.  I am grateful that — in this difficult time of transition – someone of his caliber and experience has stepped forward to do it.

Woodbridge has lived through Princeton’s history. He knows “where the bones are buried” and he has the tact and diplomacy that Princeton needs in this crucial transition time. I would like to remind everyone who has not already lost faith in the American political process that this opportunity to elect Woodbridge as mayor may be Princeton’s last chance to have a two-party system. Democrats, please split your ticket and vote for Richard Woodbridge.

Barbara Figge Fox