Princeton Transition Task Force to Host Public Forum Dec. 3

The transition task force that has guided the merger of the two Princetons will host a community meeting on Dec. 3 to discuss the consolidation process and answer residents’ questions. The meeting will also highlight some of the key issues the new Princeton will face in 2013 after consolidation takes effect.

The public forum  will be held at 7 p.m. in the community room at the Princeton Public Library.“In November 2011, Borough and Township voters endorsed a consolidation plan to make major changes in our municipal government,” said Mark Freda, the chairman of the transition task force. “The transition task force has worked long and hard this year to make the transition from two governments to one as seamless as possible. We’re eager to update the community on that process and to answer to the best of our ability questions that residents may have about services and administrative changes.”

Freda will moderate the forum.  Borough Administrator Bob Bruschi, who is slated to become the administrator for the merged municipality, will discuss changes in locations for municipal offices and services. The task force’s project management consultant, Joseph Stefko, will review the consolidation process.

The governing bodies of the Borough and Township appointed the transition task force in January. The task force and various subcommittees have held dozens of meetings since January to develop and implement a road map for consolidation. The task force was charged with reviewing the issues associated with implementing consolidation and making recommendations to the governing bodies in preparation for day one of the consolidated municipality. Both governing bodies made appointments to the task force, which was also aided by citizen volunteers. Many decisions endorsed by the task force and the two existing governing bodies must ultimately be confirmed by the new municipal government that will be sworn in on January 1.