Steve Hiltner: Taking the (Re)bate

rebateformFirst, a bit of info about rebates for energy-efficient appliances. For those who bought Energy Star washing machines in NJ last year, the deadline for applying for a $50 rebate is today. If you have a refrigerator that still works but that you want to recycle, there’s an ongoing service that will pick it up for free and later send you $50 from the NJ Clean Energy program. Other rebates available for energy star products are here.

Rebates are made for people who are either very organized or completely scatterbrained. Organized people will quickly send in the forms and remember to inspect subsequent mail for the check. Disorganized people will immediately lose the rebate form and forgot about it altogether, yet continue congratulating themselves on having gotten a great deal on the product.

For those of us inbetween, rebates can be vexing. As part of my “Don’t Try This at Home” Home Living series, here are clear, easy-to-follow instructions for how to send in those pesky rebate forms: click to continue…