Princeton Police Release Sketch of Suspect in Paul Roebson Place Assault

suspectsketchPolice have released a sketch created by the State Police of the suspect who assaulted a woman in downtown Princeton just after midnight Sunday.

At about 12:15 a.m. Sunday, a Hispanic or Asian male attacked a 21-year-old female as she walked on the sidewalk along Paul Robeson Place near Bayard Lane. The attacker approached her from behind, placed one hand over the victim’s mouth, the other on her shoulder, and then circled her neck with the crook of his elbow to take her down to the ground. The victim fought the attacker and screamed and he placed his hands around her throat in what she believed was an attempt to hold her down and stop her from screaming. He then moved his hand down to the victim’s stomach but then fled on foot when a vehicle approached.

The assailant is described as a Hispanic or Asian male, possibly mixed race, late 20s or early 30s, with fair skin, mottled with what resembled age spots (not freckles), 5’10”, 175-200 pounds, stocky build but not overweight, dark brown eyes, black bushy eyebrows, with straight hair and a wide mouth. His head was covered by his t-shirt, which he pulled up over his head from the back, exposing only his face from his forehead to mid chin. Because of this, his hair color and style are unknown. He was wearing a black cotton t-shirt with a rectangular graphic design in white, black or gray, and black pants. Anyone who may have information about the suspect or the incident, or any agencies with similar incidents or information should contact Detective Annette Henderson at 609-921-2100 ext. 1818.