Coyote Killed Last Month Tests Negative for Rabies

coyotewinterA coyote that was killed on Quaker Road in December was tested for rabies and the results were negative, Princeton Animal Control Officer Mark Johnson confirmed today.

A resident on Quaker Road called police on Dec. 16 to report that an animal was being aggressive toward people. The caller said the animal was growling at people and appeared disoriented. Police and animal control located the animal, a coyote, in a wooded area just off of Quaker Road. The coyote was aggressive, and was destroyed at the direction of animal control and health officials. The dead coyote was then transported to a State of New Jersey health facility for testing to determine what might have been responsible for the animal’s aggressive behavior.

Princeton Animal Control Officer Mark Johnson argued earlier this year that the town should have a coyote culling program. The governing body of Princeton, in consultation with an animal control committee led by Council President Bernie Miller, decided to wait and collect more data before approving such a program. Miller announced at the Princeton Council meeting last night that the town plans to launch a “coyote education program” to teach residents how to deal with coyotes.