PSE&G Payment Scam Targets Mercer County Residents

scamalertPSE&G is warning customers about a payment scam targeting residents of Mercer County.

Callers threaten to shut off electric or gas service if payment is not made that day. The scam, which has been reported across the country, involves payments using Green Dot MoneyPaks.

Individuals pretending to be PSE&G employees call customers and demand that they make payment within hours using a Green Dot Money Pak, a type of pre-paid card. Customers are told to purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak at a pharmacy or convenience store, use cash to put money on to the card, and then provide the number on the card to the person who called them.

Customers are told if they do not immediately call back and provide the MoneyPak information, their gas/electric service will be shut off that day. Typically, after the customer provides that MoneyPak number, the scammer transfers the funds to a prepaid card, and cashes it in at an ATM.

Customers should be wary of callers who demand immediate payment and threaten service termination. PSE&G does not accept Green Dot Money Pak cards. PSE&G offers a variety of payments options, and would never require a customer to use one specific type of payment.

When PSE&G makes an outbound phone call to customers, customer specific information is shared with the customer. That information includes the account name, address, number and current balance. If customers do not receive this correct information, they likely are not speaking with a PSE&G representative.

Any customer who has doubts about the legitimacy of a call from PSE&G, especially one in which payment is requested, should call PSE&G directly at
1-800-436-PSEG (7734).

PSE&G customers scheduled for disconnection due to nonpayment receive written notice on their bill at least 10 days in advance. Customers who are struggling to pay their bill should call PSE&G at 1-800-357-2262 to discuss payment options and visit to learn about programs that can help.