Letters: New Princeton Needs Leadership of Miller and Butler

To the Editor:

It has been my privilege to live in the Princeton Bubble for more than 40 years. It is indeed a very nice place. As with all things, it is not perfect. It does come close, but could come even closer. That is why I support Jo Butler and Bernie Miller for town council.

Princeton was very good as separate town and township. The merger can also be good, but it needs Jo Butler and Bernie Miller’s fiscal tenacity and good judgment to be really good; else, we’ll just get “good enough”.

The University’s Art’s campus will be nice, but it could have been truly World Class had the Arts embraced a sustainable mobility system rather than simply shoving the Dinky down the hill to get it out of the way of a new access road to a parking garage. What a shame! Jo and Bernie worked hard trying to make it World Class. Unfortunately, they came up short, but they really tried. Consequently, I am confident that they are the right people to make the best out of “not as good as should be” situations. While many of us walk and bike, even in Princeton, more than 80% of our trips are taken in cars; an overwhelming majority with just a driver. As a percentage of all trips in Princeton, those taken by the Freebie, University Buses and NJT buses are less than the measurement error in the trip estimation process.

At some point, when we finally become serious about sustainability, we’ll need to really confront how we all get around in Princeton. Jo and Bernie certainly have a track record of really trying to find the best way. They deserve our vote to keep trying.

Alain L. Kornhauser