Princeton Police Captain: Report Suspicious Activity in Your Neighborhood

Burglars have robbed six homes in Princeton over the last five weeks, with the latest break-in happening on Western Way near Cedar Lane yesterday.

“In some of the cases there was forced entry, in other cases they went through open doors and open windows,” Police Captain Nicholas Sutter told the Princeton Council Monday night. “All of the burglaries happened during the daytime when the homes were unoccupied.

Sutter is cautioning residents to make sure their homes are locked and secure when they are away.

“We are working some leads on the case, but we want everyone to be aware and report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods,” Sutter said. “If residents see a suspicious car or people knocking on doors posing as salespeople they should call the police department and let us know. We are going to need the public’s vigilance in reporting to us.”

Sutter said there is no pattern in terms of the location of the burglaries. Some have been in the western section, others have been in the far east. “It is not concentrated like it was in the past,” he said, noting that there have been numerous other home burglaries in bordering towns in recent weeks.

The thief or thieves have mostly been stealing jewelry. Some electronic items have also been stolen from homes. Sutter said the Princeton Police Department will be issuing a press release on the issue this week.