Princeton Police: CVS Bomb Threat Part of Money Card Scam

scamalertA man called the CVS Pharmacy at 172 Nassau Street in downtown Princeton yesterday afternoon claiming to have three “hydrogen bombs” in the area. He threatened to detonate the bombs if he was not given ten $500 Green Dot money cards, according to the store manager.

Police responded and spoke on the phone with the caller. The caller was told he would not be receiving any Green Dot Cards and eventually stated “okay”, terminating the call without further incident.

There have been a number of Green Dot Money scams reported recently. Most phone and e-mail requests for payments involving the use of Green Dot MoneyPak, Western Union, and MoneyGram usually involve some type of fraud or criminal activity. Even if the phone number showing up on your Caller ID appears to be legitimate, it is most likely is not and has been “spoofed”, which is when a caller deliberately falsifies the phone number sent as the Caller ID number to hide the true identity of the caller. If you are not sure if it is a scam call the Princeton Police Department at (609) 921-2100 and speak with a detective before sending any money to anyone.