Princeton Hospital Demolition Project Will Begin Sept. 22

The former Princeton Medical Center.
The former Princeton Medical Center.

The demolition of the one-story building closest to the parking garage at former hospital in downtown Princeton is now slated to begin on Monday, Sept. 22, officials announced today.

Contractors for developer AvalonBay are still completing work in preparation for the demolition. The hospital demolition project is anticipated to take four to six months to complete.

A building permit has been issued that allows for repairs to be completed to the former hospital parking garage. The upper level concrete floor deck of the garage will be replaced with a new concrete deck. The repairs will take about 11 months. The garage will remain open for limited parking while repairs are done.

Avalon Bay’s acoustics consultant, Cerami & Associates, will be at the site monitoring noise levels of the demolition process and parking garage repair work. The Princeton Health Department is working alongside the Mercer County Division of Public Health to provide additional noise monitoring. Any noise related complaints should be directed to the  Princeton Engineering Department.

The Yanuzzi Corporation is in the process of removing asbestos material related to the roof flashings of the hospital buildings. The work is expected to be completed tomorrow.

The removal of additional soil from the area surrounding a 6,000 gallon heating oil tank and the installation of are new monitoring well are complete. A sample from the monitoring well was taken last week and test results are anticipated to be available in the next few days, officials said.

An incinerator drain line was televised last week and no breaks were found in the line, officials said.