The Veblen House: Seeking to Preserve the Farm Next Door

Cows princeton HerrontownFor as long as anyone can remember, this was farmland in northeastern Princeton. Now, it’s the last six acres of farmland field in a neighborhood that a century ago hosted many small, self-sufficient farms in what is now known as the Herrontown neighborhood, at the foot of the Princeton Ridge. Time, however, is running out, and we are scrambling to find a way to save this special feature of the neighborhood and give it an productive and educational purpose.

The land is shaped like a horseshoe, with the publicly owned Veblen House and Herrontown Woods to the north, and Smoyer Park just across Snowden Lane, down and to the left. This is a strategic location, since it provides a linkage between two parklands. Farming and associated educational activities would provide synergy with the Veblen House restoration and the community gardens at Smoyer Park. Click to read more and see pictures.


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