Letters: Princeton School Board Needs Spruill’s Voice

To the Editor of Planet Princeton:

We support Fern Spruill for school board, because the Board needs her voice. Her unique grounding in the community and her connections with our youth give her insights important to the Board’s work.

Fern is a fourth-generation Princetonian with deep roots here. She returned 25 years ago, with her husband Larry, to raise their two daughters.

Fern has demonstrated her commitment to the children of our community through volunteer service. Most notably, she is the co-founder and co-president of Committed and Faithful Princetonians, an organization dedicated to the academic and social development of our at-risk youth.

Committed and Faithful has established mentoring programs which successfully engage our young people and help them build self-awareness and self-esteem. An important part of its success has been the ability to enlist community leaders in its mission, and to create partnerships with the schools, the police, other non-profit organizations, and the University.

We ask our neighbors to join us in voting for Fern. She will strive for a school system that inspires and supports all of our students.

Elizabeth Bidwell Bates
Ross Wishnick
Anastasia Mann
Eldar Shafir
Carol Golden
Heather Howard
Jenny Crumiller
Jon Crumiller
Shirley Satterfield
Walter Bliss
Mary Bliss
Wilma Solomon
Jo Butler
Claire Jacobus
David Jacobus
Barbara Fox
George Fox
Leticia Fraga
Liz Lempert
Molly Chrein
Mark Royer
Andrea Spalla
Lance Liverman
Andrew Koontz