Nancy Snyderman Slated to Return to NBC Today


NBC News medical reporter Nancy Snyderman is slated to be back on the network today after being on leave for more than a month following her violation of a voluntary quarantine for possible Ebola exposure.

A network executive said Tuesday that Snyderman will report on a medical issue for the “Today” show and NBC’s “Nightly News.”

There has been a great deal of speculation about whether Snyderman, a Princeton resident, would ever return to NBC News.

Snyderman and the rest of her crew agreed to quarantine themselves for 21 days when they returned to the United States. The voluntary quarantine was announced by Snyderman and the head of NBC. But a few days later Snyderman and two crew members were spotted by Planet Princeton readers in a car in front of a restaurant in Hopewell Boro. One of the crew members got out of the car to pick up take out food. The State of New Jersey then made her quarantine mandatory.

NBC and Snyderman dodged questions about the quarantine protocol violation. A few days after the story broke, Snyderman issues a statement saying members of her group violated the quarantine guidelines and said she was sorry for the concerns the episode caused.

Many viewers said Snyderman has lost her credibility and they will not watch her if she returns to the show. Her Facebook page has received more than 2,000 comments about the issue.

“It will be exceedingly difficult to ever follow your advice and take what you say seriously since you demonstrated that you yourself don’t believe or practice what you preach,” Wrote one reader yesterday. “Yes, we all understand you and your team were fortunate and did not contract the Ebola virus. But at the time you went back on your word.”

It is unknown whether Snyderman will address the issue with viewers when she returns to the air.