Mercer County Sheriff Warns Residents of Fake IRS Calls

phonescam-Chris-Johnson-Government-Grant-Funding-ExpertMercer County Sheriff Jack Kemler has issued a warning to local residents and businesses regarding telephone scammers posing as Internal Revenue Service agents and Mercer County Sheriff’s Officers.

Over the past week, the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous complaints about callers asking for personal information and credit card numbers.

The scammers identify themselves as the IRS agents and tell callers they need to pay thousands of dollars in back taxes and face fines, or a sheriff’s officer will be sent to arrest them.

“I can state with confidence the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office does not provide enforcement for the IRS or solicit monies from public citizens for any means, especially by telephone,” Kemler said. “Unfortunately, it is difficult to crack down on telephone solicitors because calls are often generated from phone banks located out of state.”

Kemler said residents should use common sense when accepting and listening to calls. If a local resident or business suspects a particular telephone call may be a scam,  hang up. Anyone who receives a call and is uncertain of its validity should report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 1-800-366-4484.