Author Temple Grandin Visits Princeton Day School

Temple Grandin (c) with Princeotn Day School Head of School Paul Stellato (l) and science department Chair Silvia Strauss-Debenedetti (r).
Temple Grandin (c) with Princeton Day School Head of School Paul Stellato (l) and PDS science department chair Silvia Strauss-Debenedetti (r).


Princeton Day School hosted bestselling author, animal researcher, and autism activist Temple Grandin on Wednesday, Jan. 21.

Grandin presented a talk to middle and upper school students about her work with animals, the evolution of the autism spectrum, the importance of studying outcomes when it comes to the education system, untapped future job opportunities, and different ways of thinking.

“I think in pictures and, when I was younger, I thought everyone else did, too,” Grandin said, categorizing the different ways that people think as spatial, verbal, associative or linear.

She said difference does not denote deficiency and leads to innovation. She gave several examples of successful ventures founded by people diagnosed with autism and ADHD, including the furniture company IKEA.

Grandin also stressed how exposure to different things is critical to success, especially for young people.

“I learned about animals because I spent time on my aunt’s ranch growing up,” she said.