Bike Lanes Are Good for Everyone in Princeton

The Princeton Council will hold a public hearing on installing bike lanes on Hamilton Avenue between North Harrison Street and Snowden Lane. In addition to our mission to educate local cyclists and organize events to encourage cycling, the Princeton Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee unanimously endorsed the bike lane proposal.

Bike lanes are not just good for cyclists. It is safer for car drivers if cyclists are able to ride in an orderly, predictable place on the road. Dedicated bike lanes also help reduce sidewalk cycling, preventing conflicts between bike riders and walkers. Overall, the whole community (and the planet) would benefit from infrastructure that helps reduce the amount of car traffic.

Our committee recognizes that bike lanes are not suitable for everywhere, but the availability of alternative sites for on-street parking around this section of Hamilton Avenue reduces the impact of dedicating space for bike lanes. This plan has been the subject of significant deliberation both by our committee and the Traffic and Transportation Committee, but ultimately it is up to the community to decide if bike lanes are something we want. Supporters are encouraged to attend Council on Feb. 24 if they want to show their support for this initiative. For more information, please email

Steve Kruse, David Cohen, Carolyn Sealfon, Sam Bunting, and Laurie Harmon
Princeton Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee


    1. Fixed Joe. Should be Feb. 24. January meeting was postponed because of snow. Thanks for the correction.

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