Princeton University Women’s Basketball Team Gets First Ever NCAA Win

The Princeton University Women’s Basketball Team continued its undefeated season with an 80-70 victory over Green Bay this afternoon to win its first ever NCAA tournament game.

President Barack Obama sat in the stands with Tigers fans for the entire game, cheering on the Princeton University team. His niece is a member of the team.

The close game showed that perhaps the No. 8 seed was a good call after all. Green Bay had the lead twice, including at the start of the second half, the first time another team has had the lead against the Tigers at the half since their first game of the season. Green Bay has a strong defense, but Princeton was unstoppable at the net. Green Bay seems to lose its momentum the last few minutes of the game after a long break when officials reviewed a play.

Princeton player Annie Tarakchian became the  second player in the program’s history to have a double-double (double digits in two categories) in the NCAA tournament.

The Tigers will take on the winner of the Maryland vs. New Mexico State game Monday at 6:30 p.m. at the University of Maryland.