Princeton Teachers Union and School Board Representatives Set to Meet Again on May 4th

Princeton Teachers Union protestThe Princeton School Board and the teachers union met again on Wednesday, April 15,  but still have not reached an agreement on a new contract.

“The parties met again face-to-face for the third time in several weeks without the mediator on Wednesday April 15. The parties remain in mediation as a legal matter, so the board continues to adhere to the mediator’s confidentiality recommendation regarding the details of the discussions,” School Board President Andrea Spalla said.

“At our April 9 meeting, the parties agreed to meet again with the state-appointed mediator, Kathleen Vogt, on May 4. In addition to that agreed-upon mediation session, the board team offered the PREA two other possible face-to-face meeting dates. We’re waiting for their response to those dates,” Spalla said. “The parties are making progress, although we recognize that it is happening more slowly than the community would prefer. The board team hopes to keep pushing forward, using the resources available to support and guide the parties.”

Teachers in the Princeton Public Schools have been working under the terms of an expired contract since July. The two sides have been unable to agree on health insurance contributions and salary increases.

Frustrated parents have been calling on both sides to compromise and end the stalemate.