Princeton Police to implement `Operation Blue Angel’ Emergency Program

princeton policeThe Princeton Police Department plans to begin a program called Operation Blue Angel in an effort to access residents’ homes quickly in an emergency when they are injured or ill.

Residents who sign up for the program will receive a lockbox that will be secured to their door. The lockbox will contain a key that the police department can use to gain entry into the home during an emergency situation where the resident is unable to open the door for emergency responders. Having access to a key in an emergency will alleviate the need to force entry into a resident’s home and allow the police and emergency responders to rapidly enter to assist a resident, police said.

The program will be open to Princeton residents who are 55 years of age or older who live alone or are alone for extended periods of time on a regular basis. It will also be available to residents with medical conditions that could lead to incapacitation who live alone or are alone for extended periods of time.

The program is for emergency uses only, and the key will not be accessed in the event the resident locks themselves out of the house.

The police department is looking to implement the program in the near future. Any Princeton resident who wishes to participate should contact Sgt. Geoff Maurer at (609) 921-2100 x1887 or