Princeton HealthCare Latest Recipient of False Threat

Princeton Medical CEnterThe University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro is the latest institution to receive a bogus threat via a recorded message.

Employees at the hospital said a “code silver” was issued tonight around 6:30 p.m. and they feared someone had been taken hostage because of the alert.

NJ State Police received a report of possible suspicious activity at the hospital. The State Police and the Plainsboro Policeconducted a search of the hospital building. Police searched the hospital building and found no suspicious activity. The hospital is now allowing people to enter and leave, a Princeton HealthCare spokesman said.

Law enforcement sources told Planet Princeton the recorded call was another so-called swatting threat called in from a phone with a pre-recorded message.

This is the sixth threat in the past several weeks in the Princeton area. Four fake threat calls have been made regarding Princeton schools. One call claimed a residence in harms way and another targeted a downtown Princeton business. Police are working with experts to try to determine the source of the calls.