Letters: Art Classes Needed That Fit Working Adults’ Schedules

I would like to bring attention to a recent issue that has been bemoaning my household. The fact that the Arts Council of Princeton has almost no classes for working adults.

I was currently enrolled in a comic workshop, and my mom wanted to join. She was dismayed to find out that it was only for pre-teens and teens. The Council had suggested for her to look for any other classes she would be interested, but there were none that would fit her schedule.

You see, during the weekdays, most classes for adults are between 9:00am and noon. As most know, a working adult usually starts work at 7am to 6:00pm or later as well as making time for family and chores. These classes are opened to teenagers too. Approximately 20 percent of the classes are in weekends, 22 percent at night and the others are in the morning where approximately 25 percent are in the early afternoons of weekdays, which is not a convenient time either.

Some working adults want to take a class, but are not allowed due to the time constraints. These adults want to learn something new or continue a class in art but as the Arts Council feels that they will be able to gain more money from the new generation rather than the old one.

Regarding the classes on the weekends, a number of them take all day like the 9:30am-4:30pm, like HDA, Panorama and B&W class. Most adults would choose a movie day or family time over a seven hour class.

Although the Princeton Adult School offers classes such as these, this is no excuse for the Arts Council to not cater to other potential clients as they also have interesting and diverse classes adults would like to be taught by professionals in the business.

This issue must be addressed as it will allow for the arts community to grow as well as a new revenue of money for the Arts Council by focusing on a different target audience. With classes available for working adults, some high-profiled men or women might make a donation to the arts community, too.

I suggest that the Arts Council open classes to adults with time of 7:30pm-10:30pm. The Arts Council should look to the future and the possibilities this program might make as strengthen the community in the arts.


Rachel Bierman