Jewish Federation Offers Intro to Judaism Programs

judaismMaybe you always wanted to learn about your Jewish heritage but never had the time. Maybe you are thinking of coming back to Judaism after being away from it. Maybe you know someone who is thinking of converting to Judaism but needs a way to get
started. Or perhaps someone in your family is Jewish, and you want to understand their religion to support them better.

The Jewish Federation of Princeton Mercer Bucks is offering two introduction to Judaism courses this fall to help.  The 18-week general introduction course will touch on important aspects of Jewish life from holidays and history to literature, beliefs and practices of Judaism. You can study Judaism in more depth in a second course called introduction to Judaism 2.0. This course is seven sessions.

The general introduction course begins Oct. 13 and meets each week. The 2.0 class begins on Nov. 3 and meets once a month. The 2.0 course is designed for students who have already taken the original introduction to Judaism course or for students who already possess similar knowledge.

If you are not sure which course is for you, talk to your local rabbi or Jewish professional, or contact the course coordinator.

The sessions will be held at Congregation Beth Chaim in Princeton Junction, and will be taught by local rabbis, cantors, and other community professionals.

Contact Rabbi Adena Blum at (609) 799-9401 ext. 102 for more information or email rabbiblum@bethchaim.org.