Advocates for Seniors and People with Disabilities Call on Christie to Sign Transportation Bill

christiebridgeAdvocates for seniors and people with disabilities are calling on Gov. Chris Christie to sign a bill that would add $6 million in funding to the state budget in 2016 for transportation services.

Supporters of the legislation fear that Christie will veto the bill. They say the additional funding will allow counties in New Jersey to continue to transport senior citizens and persons with disabilities without further cuts in their transportation services, which include transportation to dialysis, medical appointments, radiation and chemotherapy treatments, developmental workshops, food shopping, nutrition sites, employment opportunities, veteran services and more.

In 2008, $36 million was allocated to the program. Now $18 million a year is  divided up among the 21 county-coordinated transportation programs in the state.

The bill has been sitting on Christie’s desk since state Senate and Assembly approved it earlier this year.

Supporters of the bill are calling on residents to contact Governor Christie’s office at (609) 292-6000 and ask him to reconsider signing Assembly Bill A4607 / S3106.