Tropical Storm Joaquin Could Reach New Jersey by Sunday

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Tropical Storm Joaquin is expected to reach New Jersey on Sunday, Oct. 4, based on current storm tracking data. The potential for what the National Weather Service calls “a very high impact weather event” in the region has increased significantly over the past 24 hours.

The track of the storm could change, but emergency management agencies are advising New Jersey residents to be prepared just in case the storm does hit areas of the Garden State.

Power outages, localized flooding and wind damage are possible this
weekend into early next week. Threats include very heavy  rainfall, inland river flooding, as well as major coastal flooding with heavy surf and beach erosion, according to the National Weather Service.

Many locations saw one to two inches of rain from Tuesday night’s storm. Additional rainfall amounts over the next seven days of 4 to
10 inches are possible for the region, with some locations seeing  higher amounts, according to the National Weather Service. Flash flooding is possible, and some flooding could be severe. Heavy rainfall will impact the region again Thursday night into Friday, along with the risk of inland  river flooding and major coastal flooding. The most likely time frame for impacts from Hurricane
Joaquin affecting the region is Sunday into Monday.

Starting Thursday, winds northeast winds will intensify. Wind gusts of 20 to 30 miles per hour are possible inland. Wind gusts of 45 miles an hour or more are possible in coastal areas. If Hurricane Joaquin directly affects the region, hurricane force winds are possible.
Moderate coastal flooding is possible on Thursday, according to the National Weather Service. Moderate to major coastal flooding is possible on Friday with the strong northeast winds. This is in advance of any impacts from Hurricane Joaquin. If Hurricane Joaquin directly affects the region, major to record coastal flooding is possible.

Officials suggest that residents make sure power generators are ready, prepared food and bottled water are on hand, and batteries in portable devices and flashlights are charged.

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Planet Princeton will post updates as the week progresses, and will provide 24-hour storm the coverage residents have come to rely on if the storm reaches our area.