Princeton Fact Check: Winners of Primary Will Run Unopposed in November

“Because no Republicans are running for (Princeton) council, the winners of the primary will run unopposed in November and are assured of winning three-year terms on the governing body.”

– Princeton Packet article on upcoming primary elections.

While it is true that the Democrats for Princeton Council are likely to run unopposed in the November general election, there are a few scenarios in which they could in fact face opponents in the fall.

  1. The Republicans could choose candidates for the general election by having a write-in campaign in the GOP primary tomorrow. They have done this in the past, though not in the last few years. The write-in candidate then has several days to accept the nomination.
  2. There could be write-in candidates in the general election in November.
  3. The deadline for unaffiliated candidates to file petitions to run for the Princeton Council and other offices is not until tomorrow, June 7. Petition filers will be accepted in person at the Mercer County Clerk’s Office until 4 p.m. Tuesday.